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Meet Our Team of Industry Leading Vacation Planners!

  • Abby Mallory
    Abby Mallory
  • Allegra Collier
    Allegra Collier
  • Amanda Stark
    Amanda Stark
  • Amy Beane
    Amy Beane
  • Andrea Bishop
    Andrea Bishop
  • Angela Hanlon
    Angela Hanlon
  • Ashley Grissom
    Ashley Grisssom
  • Beth Pope
    Beth Pope
  • Beverly Peterson
    Beverly Peterson
  • Christie Konzen
    Christie Konzen
  • Cindy Potter
    Cindy Potter
  • Courtney Mischen
    Courtney Mischen
  • Dana Buckley
    Dana Buckley
  • Elyssa Antonelle
    Elyssa Antonelle
  • Erin Wingard
    Erin Wingard
  • Erinn Mahoney
    Erinn Mahoney
  • Heather Contorno
    Heather Contorno
  • Heather Danat
    Heather Danat
  • Holly Schaefer Travel
    Holly Schaefer
  • Hope Clark
    Hope Clark
  • Jennifer McCormack
    Jennifer McCormack
  • Jennifer Robertson
    Jennifer Robertson
  • Jennifer Van Hill
    Jennifer Van Hill
  • Jennifer Wilder
    Jennifer Wilder
  • Katherine Ritchie
    Katherine Ritchie
  • Kathryn Finkelstein
  • Katie Locke
    Katie Locke
  • Kiley Eaton
    Kiley Eaton
  • Kristy Bettenhausen
    Kristy Bettenhausen
  • Laura Carroz
    Laura Carroz
  • Leanne Phelps
    Leanne Phelps
  • Lindsey Brammer
    Lindsey Brammer
  • Lisa Fortino
    Lisa Fortino
  • Lisa Vondale
    Lisa Vondale
  • Megan Englund
    Megan Englund
  • Wrzesinski
    Megan Wrzesinski
  • Melissa Huck
    Melissa Huck
  • Miranda Carrithers
    Miranda Carrithers
  • Nicole Dossey
    Nicole Dossey
  • Prov Sommers
    Prov Sommers
  • Sarah Berson
    Sarah Berson
  • Sarah McCowan travel
    Sarah McCowan
  • Sarah Trimpe
    Sarah Trimpe
  • Shannon Loehrlein travel
    Shannon Loehrlein
  • Tara Neaderhiser
    Tara Neaderhiser

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What People Are Saying

I couldn’t have planned my family’s trip without your incredible assistance. So much has changed recently with various protocols, but you made it SO easy. Thanks!

Melissa Mooney

When I searched for a Universal travel agent to help with our vacation, I wasn’t sure how it would work. You’ve exceeded any expectations I had! I’m so happy I found you!

Kyle Parsons

We visit Universal a lot and this was the first time we ever used an agent. I’ll never book on my own again because of all you did for us. Who knew?! We’re so grateful!

Elizabeth Hudson

I’m very sad to be home, but we had so much fun. The all-inclusive route made so much sense just as you suggested! Can’t wait to post all our photos on Instagram!

Anna Soto

This was our first cruise and definitely won’t be our last! In fact we’re ready to book our next one! I want to get started NOW! We’re officially hooked! Thank you!

Samantha Goldstein

What a great decision it was to add on those last two days at Universal. We had the best time. The kids are already asking when we’re coming back! We’re excited to go again!

Tim O’Grady